"Approximately 40% of car accidents with material damages can be traced to parking maneuvers."

Allianz Group

"The problem of "parking damage" has already been addressed ...

...but it has never been solved effectively"


SmartTARGA is an intelligent and connected license plate holder, equipped with sensors and a video camera capable of envying the responsibility of those who, (for example, during incorrect parking maneuvers), involve vehicles of others, damaging them. The owner of the vehicle involved in the collision will be notified in real-time of the incident by SMS/Mail/Push Notification in the App.

SmartTARGA is useful both to insurance companies, and to companies that manage fleets (Car-Sharing and Car Rental), and to all drivers who want to increase the protection of their vehicles.



HW/SW prototype with IoT-oriented open hardware prototypation board


Telegram Chatbot for Device Testing & Early Adopters Experience

AI Algorithm

Vision Computing Algorithm (AI) for licence plate number recognition and obfuscation of the remaining scenario

Business Idea Validation

SmartTARGA is incubated and pre-accelerated in two very important Italian routes.



Section for Companies


Section for Consumers

IoT & Cloud Based

Blockchain Based

Why SmartTARGA

Our value proposition is as simple as it is effective: "Make your vehicle protection, SMART!"

All this because, SmartTARGA is:

Easy to use and install

A complete, functional and helpful intelligent videosurveillance system

Events recording mode (low energy consumption) and in all difficult conditions (low light and adverse weather conditions), unlike the current Dashcams on the market

Easily mountable on any type of vehicle (2-wheel/4-wheel/vans/trucks)

Resolves the problem of "parking damage" effectively